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Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
numbers for jerry brown who did very little to win their affection. >> inroads among minorities, we would be having a conversation about that demographic difficulties among whites. but as you were saying, if you have a candidate that will have the hispanic so we will be talking about why obama is likely to drop 43%, even some new or. you know, republicans have set themselves a hurdle that is so high by allowing democrats to continue 80 percent of the population a share of fights to have to win becomes reagan asked and it is very hard to esther nominee to match the greatest landslide in modern times every four years. >> hispanics have not captured the republican party. when you could your report, minority winners. well, you can't assume that there is a democratic vote. we know the republicans who run for office to very well with hispanic voters. african-american republicans did very few african-american votes. as not true with hispanics. i think it's a longer-term republican party because it's really hard to run the cover of the primary electorate in the short run. but if the long run repu
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
steve brown for their tremendous work and literally hundreds of volunteers working on workgroups and task groups as early as with margaret chan and i'd like to also thank andy stabile of with his help over the years. not just as members are engaged in our work, we've been very pleased with the knowledge and level of engagement with administrator michael huerta, first as official while serving as a deputy administrator, michael has become even more, not less active in our work since been elevated to the role of acting administrator. the disinterest of working closely with the aviation community, i am confident in our ability to overcome barriers to implementing nextgen. you commented about succession planning and i am pleased with my chairmanship sunset and i will remain on the committee, bill ayer, chairman of the alaska air group, bill has been formally leading the group as chairman and ceo, who is an experienced aviator will be taken over the chairmanship on a go forward basis as we pass the baton at the air force base here in october. and if i may, the greater skies initiative
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
for ron paul. i voted for paul brown. i cannot remember what year he ran. i voted for ross perot once. i am very open-minded better watch things closely. >> host: thank you for calling. gary johnson and the reaction? >> guest: by going to a national consumption tax one federal national consumption tax is more fair. it is cost neutral over a short amount of time. a can of coca-cola sells $1 today within that is 23% of embedded tax federal tax that coca-cola pays common corporate tax, social security match, medicare, unemploymen t. all of that goes away. no more withholding from the paycheck. so security and medicare comes out of the proceeds. if you believe the existing tax out then they do not have to sell that at $1 anymore now they sell it at $0.80. if you think they will continue to sell it at $1, it is free market and competition. coal is competitive. it will sell about $0.80 which is cost neutral. then to have a raging debate over how you implement one federal consumption tax. was never read tax we get to less of. today we tax them come and we're getting less of that. added score it
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3